DeImp 2023 - Impactful Blockchain Conference

We take a closer look back at DeImp 2023 at Berlin's w3.hub.

On December 8, 2023, the Decentralized Impact (DeImp) 2023 conference took place in Berlin-Kreuzberg at the w3.hub. The Event was organised by BerChain, PositiveBlockchain, and Berlin Partner. After a welcome, the programme started with presentations on the 'Web3 Impact Database' by Positive Impact (see below the figure ‚Berlin Blockchain for Good Map’) and the Sustainability Service by Berlin Partner. This was followed by pitch presentations, workshops and a panel discussion. What is remarkable is the diversity of the sustainability community that is growing within the blockchain and web3 community in Berlin. Together, they are pursuing the questions how blockchain and web3 can be used as 'enabling technologies' for sustainability. As part of a concluding networking session, experts and interested parties from various fields were able to exchange ideas. With this event, Berlin presents itself as a place where technology and sustainability come together.  

A summary of the event, the pitches and interesting insights can be found here:

Special thanks to our interview partners: 

Alexandra Begue (SAP), Laura Kajtazi (IOTA Foundation), Veronica Kirin (AsteriskDAO), Thomas Ostertag (Ostakon), Julio Linares (Circles) and Ricky Thiermann (Spherity)

Here is the link to the PositiveBlockchain’s Web3 Impact Database. To see/filter the Berlin based organizations scroll down within the filters frame on the left side and tick the box ‘BerChain & Berlin Partner’ in the category ‘PB Partner Tag’.

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