Berlin Blockchain

The Berlin blockchain scene is pulsating and is one of the most exciting in Europe. The range of companies and motivated teams is large, colourful and diverse. And it is precisely this exciting scene that we present here in regular portraits, interviews and videos. Learn more about use cases made in Berlin.

10 Sep 2021
IDunion: All (identity) power to the user

The IDunion ecosystem makes proof of identity easier, legally more secure and more transparent for everyone.

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15 Sep 2021
Berlin – The Global Mecca For Blockchain Business.

Interview With Sascha Dobratz, Shoshana Schnippenkoetter And Stefania Artusi

People standing in front of a wall that shows lines and the words "NFT Cryptoart"
27 Sep 2021
NFTs in the creative industry: what's happening in Berlin

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) bring a breath of fresh air to the arts and creative industries.

Blockchain in Lego letters
11 Oct 2021
Blockchain Gaming in Berlin: What is happening in the scene?

After free-to-play comes fee-to-earn!

20 Oct 2021
Smart contracts in the blink of an eye: Blockchain in the world of IoT

Berlin is the starting point for significant innovations in the connection of IoT and blockchain.

27 Oct 2021
The Future Of Identity Management

With SSI, users gain back the control over their own data.

01 Nov 2021
It's that time again: The Blockchain-in-use conference 2021 takes place

Sign up for the five day conference taking place from 29 November until 3 December!

04 Nov 2021
And The „Berliner Verwaltungspreis” Goes To...

The project is revolutionising the awarding of certificates with immediate effect.